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MEGA GOLD Metal Detector

Gold Detector MEGA GOLD
Globally Latest Technology in the Detectors Golden Treasures, Through a Specialized high-precision Technology for the Detection of Gold treasures With High accuracy in All Aerritories & the Difficult Terrain Technological System of Modern&Distinctive, is Rated Device in the First Centers Globally of All German & International Bodies for Exploration & Drilling, Because the Device is Characterized by Working Through 3 Integrated Systems into a Single System Thoroughly Explore100%Confirmed Without any Error Ratio, as Found in Traditional Devices Deployed it is Not Affected by Rocks or the Wrong Signals that are Emitted From the Ground Without Fuss or Fatigue as it gets in the Devices Currently in Use




MEGA GOLD device specifications

The MEGA GOLD German Factories Group Famous Manufactures this High-Tech System & Professional to be the Fifth Generation of Distinctive Versions & Innovations Over 30 Years in the World of Manufacturing Detectors Geological & Technology Deserve to be Called a Golden age for the Manufacture of Detectors for Gold & Minerals & Treasures & Exploration

Been Provided With the Device User`s Manual, to Make it Easier for the User to Work on the Machine, Only Choose the Search area, Can the Device to Determine the Gold Found in less Than 20 Seconds From Start-up Distances From 100 to 2000 Meters Long Front, With Automatic Ground Balancing , with a Distinctive Ability to Explore in all-Terrain of Ground & Rocky Plains & Mountains Agricultural Ground & Mud

The Most Important Features of MEGA GOLD System Ease of use, Where the Device is Designed Smoothly in the Handle, with a Control Panel with a Color Screen High-LCD Precision, in Addition to Easy Control Program to use for Both Individuals who are Using the System for the First Time or for Engineers & Specialists Professionals, or Experts Exploration & Geologists & Exploration Companies

Professional Accurate System Does not have a Global Instance of this Unique Technology MEGA LOCATORS Famous German Factories.

MEGA GOLD System Sophisticated Scanning System and a Long-term Exploration Through High-Precision Electronic Sensors and Sophisticated Sensors Manufactured for the First Time, in Addition to Supply the electronic unit in the Machine With 8 Filters made of pure Gold to Determine the Gold Metal From Farther Distances and Confirmed 100% Without any Error Resulting From the Metal rocks or Land With High Mineralization Such as Land Basalt Severe Mineralization .

These Filters are Working to identify the Signal and Filtered Accuracy and Emphasis on the Existence of Distances Starting With 100 Meters and up to 2000 Meters for the front range, and up to depths of 30 meters for the Front Range, and up to Depths of 30 Meters in the Ground With the Accurate Determination of the Size of the Target and Signal Strength in Through a Built-Analytical Program in the MEGA GOLD System In Plus Program System Works on a Long Rang Locator Program , A Thorough Professional

When the Device is Turned on, you Will Display High-Resolution Color Screen All Options to Choose the Language & Choose Find System , And then Specify the Target Type to Be Disclosed And Distinctive Control Panel, And Lighting Can be increased According to the User`s Desire

Device Features a System to Determine the Depths to Search in Advance with Ease Before Working on the Device,Add to the Selection of the Target of the Front Range Feature by Selecting a Distance Search to be Detected Which Strictly According to the Existing zone & To be Explored, Whether Mountainous or Plain Or Rivers or Territory Inside Specific Buildings
As it is Shown in the Following Table
Front distances starting from zero to 250 Depths starting from zero to 5 meters
Front distances starting from zero to 500 Depths starting from zero to 10 meters
Front distances starting from zero to 750 Depths starting from zero to 15 meters
Front distances starting from zero to 1000 Depths starting from zero to 20 meters
Front distances starting from zero to 1500 Depths starting from zero to 25 meters
Front distances starting from zero to 2000 Depths starting from zero to 30 meters

MEGA GOLD Parts and components

Laser System
New technology included with MEGA GOLD device which determine the laser system. And to determine the direction of the target set by the device from a distant points

Batteries last long
MEGA Gold detector Works on an upgraded Lithium Batteries, you can Easily Shipped, and Provide Between 20-15 Hours of use, it can Request Additional Batteries and are Provided with the Machine Normal Charger and Car Charger .

Available languages

– Arabic
– English
– French
– Persian
– German
– Russian
– Turkish
– Spanish


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